The Stable Swap owned by
the Metis Community

Drachma offers Curve style hyper efficient, low slippage
swaps for both pegged and unpegged assets

Liquidity Mine Drachma

Drachma, like Agora, is made by Metis users for Metis users. This will be a full fair launch token with no VCs, privates or team allocation. 100% of the tokens will be used to incentivise liquidity for the pools on Drachma as well as the Drachma token itself. We will be kicking off the platform with a liquidity mining event for all to participate in.

Full Fair Launch Tokenomics


Fixed Total Supply


Liquidity Mining


Protocol Owned Liquidity


LP Farms


Agora Airdrop


Bug Bounties


Privates + VCs + Team

More than a Stable Swap

Drachma will evolve into a Uniswap V3 style AMM that offers protection against impermanent loss for LP providers. This will also provide up to 40X the capital efficiency over Uni V2 AMMs whilst providing the same ease of use interface. LP tokens will also be composable/fungible which will allow them to be use as collateral and easily borrowed against.

Ultimately this means:

  • More fees for LPs
  • Impermanent loss protections for LPs
  • Higher efficiency for traders
  • Composable LPs for more DeFi applications